Alpha Sigma Tau

Delta Nu Chapter at Beloit College

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Parents Frequently Asked Questions


I've seen sororities in movies. What is it really like to be a part of this organization?

Alpha Sigma Tau is a community of individuals united by a shared set of values. A commitment to graciousness, respect, intellect, connection, and excellence are the pillars of the organization. The Sorority provides a loving and supportive sisterhood during one's college years, as well as connections to a vast network of alumnae. Alpha Sigma Tau promotes professional development, academic achievement, and service to the larger community.

In the Delta Nu Chapter, every member is encouraged to hold an officer position, and weekly business meetings develop communication, time management, and leadership skills. This experience is highly applicable to any future occupation. The Chapter organizes academic and intellectual community events each semester. In addition, weekly academic tips and regular study sessions place strong emphasis on education. Community service and philanthropy events are an important part of Delta Nu's mission. Each member is required to complete at least 10 hour of service each semester, but most go above and beyond. A few examples of Delta Nu's community involvement include mentoring young students, teaching English as a second language, volunteering with animal rescues, and advocacy for victims of domestic violence.

Is Alpha Sigma Tau a positive, safe space for my child?

Delta Nu strives to create a comfortable, supportive atmosphere in which its members can develop personally and professionally. Hazing is not conducive to an environment of mutual respect and encouragement. It is illegal, violates campus policy, defies the values of Alpha Sigma Tau, and is morally wrong. All members sign contracts every semester to renew their commitment to end hazing, and each year, all Greek organizations on campus host a Hazing Awareness event. New Members are given a variety of resources on hazing prevention, and no individual is ever required to participate in an event or activity with which they are uncomfortable.

In addition, alcohol use is not permitted at any Sorority event. This rule applies to members of legal drinking age as well, as the safety and comfort of every single member is a priority. Use of illicit drugs is prohibited and can result in dismissal from the organization. This ban on substance abuse is strictly enforced by Chapter members, the Tau Honor Council, the National organization, and campus security.

What is the financial commitment?

The Delta Nu Chapter is a self-sufficient organization, meaning that all events are funded through member dues and fundraising. New Members are required to pay fees to the National organization that encompass the cost of their badge, initiation fees, technology fees, and insurance. Typically, this total is approximately $350. Because the first semester of membership requires the most financial investment, New Members are not required to pay any local dues. 

Following the first semester of involvement, all dues charged to members are determined by the semester budget that is created and voted on by the Chapter. Dues usually range from $160-$190, depending on the number of members on campus and the kinds of events the Chapter would like to plan.

What if I am struggling financially?

Delta Nu is committed to ensuring that no individual is excluded from the opportunities that Alpha Sigma Tau offers due to financial reasons. The profits from one fundraiser each semester are dedicated specifically to aid members in paying dues. Applications for dues relief are open to all new and current members. The identity of applicants and the information they provide remains confidential.

Alpha Sigma Tau is also an organization committed to the pursuit of higher education and offers a variety of scholarships to assist its members with the cost of tuition. One of the many scholarships offered is specifically earmarked for members of the Delta Nu Chapter, and all are highly encouraged to apply.